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Project Description
GOTA is an OpenSource online & collaborative text engineering development environment for .NET. GOTA aims to simplify and parallelize the development of information extraction projects.

Project was started in September 2008 to investigate information extraction environments and project workflows. After first milestone, researchers decided to create innovative look over previous experiences. To achieve this decision project supported from different research areas.
  • To provide user friendly interface for researchers, project team investigated user interface engineering publications
  • To provide large scale processing ability, project team investigated enterprise engineering reports
  • To provide usable information extraction environment, project team investigated ready frameworks like GATE, UIMA

After second milestone, first prototype became ready for reviews & suggestions. Current prototype built upon the powerful cross-browser ExtJS Library. Project uses GATE framework as a processing engine and aims to support other environments like UIMA.

Current prototype supports early steps of collaborativity principles.
Project managers;
  • could create, modify or delete own projects
  • could add or remove plug-ins of projects (ANNIE, OpenNLP etc.)
  • could assign users to projects
  • could manage user tasks
  • could create dynamic roles for users
  • could define global workflow over different projects

  • could publish research’s state as pipelines like SOAP web service, messenger service etc.
  • could create, modify or delete language resources
  • could create or modify processing workflows

The goal of this project is to develop an online collaborative information extraction platform and semantic workshop for researchers.

Expected outcome for IP experts
  • a single source for general IE development requirements(development, processing environment) (we aim to provide built-in crawler and information visualization solution in future)
  • a central system to store, search and analyze various kinds of resources.

This project started in September 2008 and will be continue as long as required.

Project’s architecture relies on SOA(Service Oriented Architecture). Each project server and service connected via WCF(Windows Communication Foundation) but external services like project pipelines are built on top of open networking standards like HTTP and XML-based specifications such as SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and WSDL (Web Service Description Language). Level 3 NLBs(Network Load Balancers) and ACEs used to distribute requests over nodes to provide horizontal scalability.

  • First prototype of project has been developed
  • Stress and performance tests completed

Live System:
Project is currently hosted at We are looking for partnership in hosting or in development of GOTA.


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